Open Play Saturday and Sunday (10 am – 5 pm): $15 per person for admission and free air refills / $5 for marker rental / $10 for pistol rental / $20 for 1 bag (500 rounds)  field paint / $35 for 2 bags (1,000 rounds) / $65 for 1 case (2,000 rounds).  Free use of body armor.
Private Groups: 7 days a week, by appointment. Just call (314) 366-1145 to reserve your day and time.

Includes rental gun, goggles, 1 bag of paint (500 rounds), and free air refills. 3 hours of playing time.

  • 10 or more persons – $35 per person
  • 15 or more persons – $35 per person / one person gets in free

Additional Paint Prices: Additional paint can be purchased in the following quantities

  • 500 rounds – $20
  • 1,000 rounds – $35
  • 2,000 rounds – $65

Tournament grade paint is also available.

Paintball Season Pass: $150 for one full year.  Includes:

  • Free entry for one year
  • Free air refills for one year
  • $15 off every case of paint (must be purchased at the park, and used only by you)*
  • Free rental equipment (if needed)
  • 2 free flyovers on the ziplines over the paintball fields
  • 10% off on equipment purchases at the park (excludes food and beverages)
  • A free one-time pass to bring a friend

*FIELD PAINT ONLY (We are a “field paint” only park, and no outside paint may be brought into the park).

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We currently do not have open play for airsoft, but we accept groups. You will need to bring your own group of players and your own equipment.

Admission: (private, by reservation)

  • Individual – $15 per person
  • 10 or more persons – $15 per person / one person gets in free

We currently provide free compressed air and CO2 refills with the admission and purchase of BB’s (for those guests who use compressed air). We also carry CO2 cartridges that may be purchased. Field BB’s only – you will need to purchase all BB’s from us.  We sell only biodegradable BB’s in the following quantities:

.20 gram BB’s:

  • 5,000 round bag (Bioval) – $25
  • 2,700 round bag (Elite Force) – $17

.25 gram BB’s:

  • 4,000 round bag (Bioval) – $25
  • 4,000 round bag (Lancer Tactical) – $25

Flyover passes (zipline ride over paintball/airsoft field):

  • 1 flight – $5
  • 5 flights – $20

Our Benghazi scenario field has two ziplines over it – players can shoot at each other from the air and the ground.  Please make reservations by calling us at (314) 366-1145 so that we can assign a referee to your group.

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Zipline tours are available by reservation – just call (314) 366-1145

We have over a mile of ziplines in our canopy tour – 10 lines in all – through a beautiful wooded ridge. Line number 9 is our super-zip – over 1,100 feet long and reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour or more.  We have certified guides who take you safely through the tour. You just enjoy the ride. We are the only zipline canopy tour that’s 30 minutes or less from almost anywhere in the St. Louis metro area.  And we have 2 more ziplines over a field for our paintball experience. Just call (314) 366-1145 or click HERE to make your reservation, and then just add gravity!

Adults – $70
Children (under 10) – $65
Seniors (65+) – $65
Active and retired military, police, and firefighters – $65 (ID required)
Groups (5 or more) – $60 per person
Groups (10 or more) – $55 per person

Sales tax and 6% online booking fee will be applied

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Adventure Valley

5320 State Road MM
House Springs (St. Louis), MO 63051

(314) 366-1145


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By participating in any activities at Adventure Valley, all participants are deemed to have agreed to all of the provisions of the Waiver & Release of Liability Form as used by Adventure Valley, and as published on this website, whether or not they have signed and delivered this form to Adventure Valley.  If you do not agree to the terms of this release, you may not participate in any activities at Adventure Valley. We appreciate your understanding.