The weight limit for all participants on the 10-zipline canopy tour is 250 lbs. and a 44-inch waist (or a waistline that will fit in our harnesses), and 275 lbs. on our ziplines over the paintball park. The weight restriction assures that our guides can safely catch any guest who does not brake on our faster lines.  We have also taken guests who had various physical and mental limitations, and we ask that you call us directly to discuss any concerns.
There are no age restrictions on our ziplines at Adventure Valley.  So long as a child is potty-trained and can fit in a harness, he or she can ride.  Smaller children who are unable to operate their hand brake will ride tandem with our trained guides.  Whether you are 3 or 103, so long as you’re potty-trained and can fit in a harness, you can enjoy the ride!  There is a minimum 12 year old age restriction on the paintball park. 
Each guest has a BrakeHawk® hand brake that enables our guests to control their own speed.  If for any reason a guest fails to brake on a faster line, our guides are trained to catch them using a prusik rope, specially designed to catch the guest’s trolley.
Just bring your payment (unless you have paid online), and appropriate clothes and closed-toe shoes.  You will be required to sign a waiver at check-in, or you can print and sign the waiver in advance by clicking HERE, and then bring it with you.  You may also bring a small camera or phone so you can capture your zipline adventure.  However, we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged cameras or phones.
The 10-zipline canopy tour takes approximately one to two hours to complete, depending on the size of the group.  A small group (3 – 5 persons) can usually complete the lines within an hour.  A larger group (8 – 10 persons) will take up to two hours.  These tour times do not include the orientation and harnessing of guests by our guides.  We ask that you arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled tour time to check in, as we try to leave promptly on the hour.
We require closed toe tennis shoes, hiking shoes, or boots.  We suggest dressing for the weather. In the summer, we suggest cool colors, shorts, and t-shirts.  We do not recommend short shorts because the harnesses sit at mid-thigh and may not be comfortable on bare skin.  In colder weather, we recommend long pants, jeans, or sweat pants, and sweatshirts or jackets.  You will be wearing a helmet that will cover most stocking caps if you choose to wear one.  In both hot and cold weather, we will be issuing you a pair of leather gloves to protect your hands.  Please call or ask us if you have any concerns about what to wear.  And yes, clothing IS required.
Unfortunately, pregnant women are not permitted to zipline for their own safety, and the safety of their unborn child.  (And we’re pretty sure that no one has ever gotten pregnant riding our lines).
Yes.  Cameras and phones are permitted, but pictures and videos should never be taken while you are actively riding a line.  (Take them only when you are safely on a platform or the ground).  We also do not recommend taking cameras or phones on the tour, unless they can be secured in a zippered pocket.  We can provide you with a net pouch that can hang from your waist to hold your camera, phone, and any small personal items.  But we cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged cameras, phones, or other items.  We also rent Go Pro camera helmets if you want to capture your ziplining experience from your own action perspective, and we will sell you the Sim card or burn your Go Pro video to a CD where you can replay your ziplining experience.
The zipline canopy tour at Adventure Valley has 10 ziplines that range from approximately 100 feet to 1,100 feet long.  The 1,100 foot long “super-zip” reaches speeds of 40 – 50 mph!  Altogether, the 10 lines are over a mile in length.  The 2 ziplines over the paintball fields are approximately 400 feet long, and run at slower speeds to assure the safety of our “combat flyers” as they shoot at their fellow paint-ballers.
For safety and legal reasons, all minors must be accompanied by an adult.  For every 4 minors, we ask that one adult be present on the tour.  If you are 18 or over, you can go on the tour by yourself.
We offer a $10 discount per person for groups of 5 or more.  Call us at (314) 366-1145 for discounted pricing on groups of 12 or more.  We always offer a $5 discount for seniors (65+), and active and retired military, police, and firefighters.  Combo packages are also available for the zipline canopy tour and the paintball park, for an unforgettable day of fun.
Please contact us by email at, call us at (314) 366-1145, or stop by during our regular season hours for gift certificates, or to design your own zipline package.  Combo packages are also available for the zipline canopy tour and the paintball park, for an unforgettable day of fun.  You can call with credit card information to pay for gift certificates over the phone, and we will mail you your purchase, or you can stop by and pick them up.
You have up until 72 hours prior to the day of your tour to cancel without a penalty by calling us at (314) 366-1145.  For example, if you are booked on tour at 2:00 pm on Saturday, you need to contact us before 2:00 pm on Wednesday to cancel.  (Please do not email us with your cancellation).  If you cancel within 72hours of your tour, we will have to charge you the full tour price.  Our cancellation policy is in place because we hold your tour time for you and your group, and often turn away other customers for that time.
We require you to arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time.  We use those 20 minutes to check you in, harness you up, and give you our orientation.  If you know you are going to be late please call (do not email) with as much notice as possible.  We reserve the right to start the tour without you if you are not on time, with no guarantee of getting you in a later tour that day. Being late is the equivalent of a “no show” and will be charged for the full price of the tour.  Please note that arriving later than 20 minutes prior to your tour time is considered late.
Each of our zipline tours are accompanied by two guides – one who will send you, and another who will receive you.  Our guides are trained to assure that you will have a safe and enjoyable experience.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the rides.  If you have any questions during the tour, just ask our guides.  They will be happy to answer you.
Our guides love tips – who doesn’t?   We encourage you to tip the guides and referees if they gave you a fun time with us.  But tipping is not mandatory.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask your guides or referees, or ask us at the front desk.  And, we always welcome feedback at the front desk on how our employees handled your stay with us.
If you have any pre-existing health conditions that impair your physical activity, you should check with your doctor before you participate in the tour.  If you have any allergies (such as allergies to bee or wasp stings, etc.), be sure to bring any medications you may need, including any rescue inhalers or epi-pens.  We cannot be responsible for any health problems you may have during the tour.
Our ziplines start at a short platform where you will walk only several stairs.  After that, there are no stairs to climb, as our lines go from platform to platform through the natural contours of the land and trees.  We use the natural contours of the land and most of our ziplines start and end on the ground.  Your ziplining experience will end with a zipline to the ground, right where you started.  You’ll just have to buy a stair-climber if you’re looking for that kind of exercise.  But it won’t be near as much fun!
Our zipline tours operate rain or shine, but not if we think there is a thunderstorm or lightning.  We do our best to watch the weather for thunderstorms, but we are in the Midwest, so they can often pop up at any time.  If a thunderstorm or lightning forces us to cancel your tour, we will work with you to schedule a new day or time to finish it.
You can never have too much fun on the Adventure Valley ziplines.  We know.  We ride them all the time!  But if you do, there are plenty of great plastic surgeons in the St. Louis area who can take that smile off your face.
The minimum age limit is 12 years old for open play, and 10 years old for private groups. 
Yes.  All participants must sign our waiver, which can be found here: Waiver and Release of Liability. A parent or guardian must also sign for anyone under 18 years old.
We have 7 paintball fields at Adventure Valley.  Five are fields, one is a woodsball field, and one is a “king-of-the-hill.”  Each field has unique scenarios, so you definitely won’t get bored.
Sometimes . . . but only if you are hit.  We’d be lying if we said they didn’t.  But they usually just leave a small bruise, or as we say at Adventure Valley – “badges of honor.”
A. Barrel sleeves must be on each marker (gun) when not on the fields or whenever told to do so by the referees.  B. Goggles must be worn whenever anyone is on any field.  C. No shooting is permitted anywhere on Adventure Valley property except in the designated fields, and only when the referees permit it.  D. Players must observe the “surrender” rule, which means a player approaching another player at close range (15 feet or less) must tell the other player to surrender, but may shoot if the other player does not surrender.  E. No horseplay is allowed in the common areas or on the fields.  F. All players must listen to the referees and follow their instructions.
Our referees love tips – who doesn’t? We encourage you to tip the guides and referees if they gave you a fun time with us.  But tipping is not mandatory.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask your guides or referees, or ask us at the front desk.  And, we always welcome feedback at the front desk on how our employees handled your stay with us.
Yes, you can watch most of the fields from behind the protective netting.  You can take as many pictures as you like, but we cannot be responsible for any damage to your cameras or phones.  If you do take some cool action pictures, promise us that you’ll upload them to our Facebook page and yours!
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By participating in any activities at Adventure Valley, all participants are deemed to have agreed to all of the provisions of the Waiver & Release of Liability Form as used by Adventure Valley, and as published on this website, whether or not they have signed and delivered this form to Adventure Valley.  If you do not agree to the terms of this release, you may not participate in any activities at Adventure Valley. We appreciate your understanding.